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=over 4
+=item Web Servers
+I<Web servers> accept HTTP requests issued by web clients,
+dispatching those requests to web applications if configured to do so,
+and return HTTP responses to the request-initiating clients.
+=item PSGI Application Containers
+A I<PSGI application container> is a Perl process providing an environment
+for a I<PSGI application> to run in.
+(A I<PSGI application container> is similar to a I<Java Servlet container>,
+which is Java process providing an environment for I<Java Servlets>.)
+PSGI specifying an interface for web applications
+and the main purpose of web applications being to be served to the Internet,
+a I<PSGI application container> will most likely
+be part of a web server (as in Apache mod_perl),
+connected to a web server (as in FastCGI),
+invoked by a web server (as in plain old CGI),
+or be a web server itself, written entirely or partly in Perl.
+There is, however, no requirement for a I<PSGI application container>
+to actually be a web server or part of one,
+as I<PSGI> only defines an interface
+between the container and the application,
+not between the container and the world.
=item Servers
-A I<Server> is a web server that accepts HTTP requests, dispatches the
-request to web applications, and returns the HTTP response to the
-client. In the context of PSGI the server could be a Perl process running
-inside an HTTP server (e.g. mod_perl in Apache), a daemon process
-called from a web server (e.g. FastCGI daemon) or a pure perl HTTP
+Considering their main purpose as I<Web Servers> or part thereof,
+I<PSGI Application Containers> will simply be referred to as I<Servers>
+in the remainder of this document.
=item Applications
-I<Applications> are web applications that accept an HTTP request
-and return an HTTP response. In PSGI an application is a code reference.
+I<Web applications> accept HTTP requests and return HTTP responses.
+I<PSGI applications> are web applications conforming to the PSGI interface,
+prescribing they take the form of a code reference
+with defined input and output.
+For simplicity,
+I<PSGI Applications> will also be referred to as I<Applications>
+for the remainder of this document.
=item Middleware

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