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REMOTE_ADDR is not specified in the spec.

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@@ -338,7 +338,7 @@ objects should be passed and which method they need to implement,
there will be so much duplicated code in the backends, some of
which may be buggy.
-For instance, PSGI defines C<< $env->{REMOTE_ADDR} >> as a
+For instance, PSGI defines C<< $env->{SERVER_NAME} >> as a
nihen Sep 23, 2011

$env->{SERVER_NAME} can't be a instance of Net::IP is clearly.
I think when deleted "For instance" paragraph is good.
This topic should be written only for the env hash.
Because, fact, $env->{'psgi.input'} is object.

string. What if the PSGI spec required it to be an instance of Net::IP?
Backend code would have to depend on the Net::IP module, or have to
write a mock object that implements ALL of Net::IP's methods.

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