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make PSGI app a code ref

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miyagawa committed Nov 8, 2009
1 parent 6342aa0 commit e0431ced51cc8333b73f9dea9eed683e17bb12fe
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@@ -69,14 +69,14 @@ A PSGI application is a Perl code reference. It takes exactly one
argument, the environment, and returns an array reference containing exactly
three values.
- sub app {
+ my $app = sub {
my $env = shift;
return [
[ 'Content-Type' => 'text/plain' ],
[ "Hello World" ], # or IO::Handle-like object
- }
+ };
=head3 The Environment
@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ optimize using techniques like I<sendfile(2)>.
The body object B<MAY> also respond to a C<path> method. This method is
expected to return the path to a file accessible by the server. This allows
the server to use this information instead of a file descriptor number to
-server the file.
+serve the file.
Servers B<SHOULD> set the C<$/> special variable to the buffer size when
reading content from C<$body> using the C<getline> method. This is done by

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