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9 FAQ.pod
@@ -292,7 +292,14 @@ a little unstable.
=head3 What if I want to stream content or do a long-poll Comet?
-A callback-based API is supported with L<psgi.async extension|PSGI::Async>.
+For the server push, your application can return a IO::Handle-like
+object as a content body that implements C<getline> to return pushed
+content. Some implementations are also allowed to do an optimized
+non-blocking read from special filehandle-like objects like
+Fo the long poll comet you can also use co-routine based
+implementations like L<Plack::Impl::Coro> and do your own threading.
=head3 Why CGI-style environment variables instead of HTTP headers as a hash?
4 PSGI.pod
@@ -187,8 +187,8 @@ server based on CGI (or something similar).
=item *
-C<psgi.async>: true if the server is calling the application in an
-asynchronous event loop. See L<PSGI Async extension|PSGI::Async>.
+C<psgi.nonblocking>: true if the server is calling the application in an
+non-blocking event loop.

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