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Added psgi.multithread and psgi.multiprocess per discussion on about …

…Apache/FastCGI implementors. Fixes gh-2
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miyagawa committed Sep 9, 2009
1 parent 0e5a284 commit eee765553f2e1b9779e008ba9f85d731df007a31
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@@ -117,6 +117,16 @@ C<psgi.input>: the input stream. See below.
C<psgi.errors>: the error stream. See below.
+=item *
+C<psgi.multithread>: true if the application may be simultaneously
+invoked by another thread in the same process, false otherwise.
+=item *
+C<psgi.multiprocess>: true if an equivalent application object may be
+simultaneously invoked by another process, false otherwise.
The PSGI environment MAY include these optional PSGI variables:
@@ -132,8 +142,9 @@ server based on CGI (or something similar).
=item *
-C<psgi.async>: true if the server is calling the application in an
-asynchronous event loop. See L<PSGI Async extension|PSGI::Async>.
+C<psgi.async>: Integer 1 or 2 if the server is calling the application
+in an asynchronous event loop. See L<PSGI Async

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