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My mud data/files using the tintin++ mudding client
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MUDing is FUN!

These are my tintin++ files and profiles for 3 Kingdoms:

Install Repo

git clone

  • this has been tested to run on a Mac; I've made some efforts to make it nix' compatible but it might need more love

Install deps on osX

make install

  • This might work on ubuntu/fedora which use apt-get and yum...not tested yet

Dependency Notes

  • Unix based OS
    • all tested and built on macOS (Yosemite then Siera)
    • cygwin seems to work if you're using windows (tested by Wag)
  • Perl; this should already be installed with non Window OS'. Text parsing is hard in tintin so I opt to use Perl for some things
  • TinTin++ (2.01.2) Mud Client:
  • Tmux (can install via brew on mac, unsure on cygwin)
    • this is only if you want to use the -t option when you './play'
    • if you'd rather not, there's a helper script in bin/ that let's you "watch" the map in another pane/window

Install TinTin++ from source

Setup a profile to play

The profiles/ directory houses profiles. These are the files that handle setting up the session when loggin in with a specific character.

To set up a profile run bin/create_profile <char name> <guild name> Example: bin/create_profile gilead angels


./play -p <character name>

Or to have a window for playing and a window for a map:

./play -t -p <character name>

The play executable will automatically search the profiles/ directory for the given character file.


  • play : wrapper to start tintin session. ./play -h for help
  • watch-map : quick utility to launch tail on the map so i can watch it in the window
    • you can pass in a width and a height so that the map will be rendered to that dimension
    • if you use the tmux option in play, the tmux session will get a pane devoted to the map


If you want to learn more about what commands are available while playing, check the tin/* files.


Can add tags via makefile:

make tag type=patch # will create a patch: 0.5.0 -> 0.5.1 for example
# after creating tag
git push <tag>
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