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React Native for Plaid Link (iOS)

⚛︎📱 This repository contains sample code that demonstrate integration and use of Plaid Link using React Native. Currently only iOS supported.


To follow the steps in this example the following software is needed

  • Xcode
  • yarn (to install yarn on macOS we suggest using nvm: brew install nvm; nvm install 8; nvm use 8; npm -g install yarn)

Using React Native for Plaid Link

  • Clone the Plaid Link repository
  • Register the react-native-plaid-link component with yarn: (cd link/react-native/linkkit; yarn link)
  • Link the newly registered react-native-plaid-link component with your react-native project and install the needed dependencies: (cd $PATH_TO_YOUR_REACT_NATIVE_PROJECT;yarn link react-native-plaid-link; yarn install)
  • In your App.js import Plaid Link using: import PlaidLink from 'react-native-plaid-link';
  • Create a linkHandler object (we recommend doing so in componentDidMount()) and replace any of the placeholder <#VARIABLE#>s in the example below according to your setup (for details see the Plaid Link documentation):
    this.linkHandler = PlaidLink.create({
      key: '<#PUBLIC_KEY#>',
      env: '<#ENVIRONMENT#>',
      product: ['<#PRODUCT#>'],
      clientName: '<#CLIENT NAME#>',
      onSuccess: this.onSuccess,
      onExit: this.onExit,
      onEvent: this.onEvent,
  • Next, when you would like to show the Plaid Link flow call open() on the linkHandler, e.g.; which will modally present Plaid Link and guide the user through the process of linking their account with your application through Plaid
  • Once the user has completed, exited, or errored out of the flow the appropriate callback method is invoked
  • A detailed working example can be found in react-native/demo/lib/App.js

About the linkdemo_reactnative Xcode project

ℹ️ In order build and run the linkdemo_reactnative iOS demo application the react-native-plaid-link component must be registered and linked to the Xcode project as mentioned above, e.g.: (cd link/react-native/demo; yarn link react-native-plaid-link; yarn install)