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The open source Lacuna Server repository.
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bin Tweak Jun 9, 2016
docker Added Cron to dockerfile May 15, 2016
docs Merge branch 'master' into reboot Feb 27, 2016
etc-templates Fixed minor issue with docker config Feb 23, 2016
lib Tweaks Jun 9, 2016
t Reboot now has it's own job queues Feb 22, 2016
.gitignore Each boost request now returns all boost data Mar 26, 2016
Fleet-Action-Status.txt Added tests for all of spaceport API calls Feb 15, 2016
setup_docker.txt TODO for future development of docker containers Jan 21, 2016


The files contained herein are represent the code that drives the server for the
game called "The Lacuna Expanse". 

This code is distributed under the terms set forth in info/license.txt.

For more information about The Lacuna Expanse visit

For more information about The Lacuna Expanse Developers Program visit

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