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The open source Lacuna Server repository.
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bin 600 is new limit on building and sending ships.
docs Basics of new props added.
etc Allow real IP address to be passed in from nginx
lib Find home more efficient and better with referrals.
t First crack at auto-control.
var Prevent propositions from passing multiple times. Should fix #214.
LICENSE add license file
add_a_building.txt Add: Added the Waste Exchanger building.
add_a_ship.txt Added Sweeper attack ship.
constitution.txt more descriptive
license.txt adding license and readme so we can make the repo public
setup_a_server.txt First crack at auto-control.
setup_apache.txt Basic apache setup instructions.
setup_beanstalk.txt added setup instructions for beanstalk


The files contained herein are represent the code that drives the server for the
game called "The Lacuna Expanse". 

This code is distributed under the terms set forth in license.txt.

For more information about The Lacuna Expanse visit

For more information about The Lacuna Expanse Developers Program visit
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