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1 parent a9da880 commit d221b0f684057ca11bb233e9bd31036e0f13f36e @icydee icydee committed Mar 22, 2013
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- Fix: Library timer was too excessive.
- Mod: Gradual increase in TM range from 465 to 900.
- - Mod: Number of halls available passed pack by Halls API.
- Mod: Spies can steal more than one glyph.
- Mod: Glyph buildings can now be upgraded (with halls) via update button
+ - Mod: All Halls of Vrbansk building have been replaced with hall plans
+ - Mod: The Halls of Vrbansk can no longer be built from a plan.
- Fix: Timers on int ministries get zeroed on flipped planets.

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