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BHG firing on planets in seized star systems #93

icydee opened this Issue · 5 comments

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systems are often seized in order to ensure mining, excavator and colonisation rights to the planets in that system.

however a BHG is able to convert the types of those planets, or turn them into asteroids, thus destroying those rights.

Although it would not be appropriate to prevent BHG from doing this, there should at least be an email informing the (whole?) alliance which BHG was responsible for the aggressive act so that they can carry out an appropriate response.


Now, do we differentiate between side effects and doing it on purpose?
Also, swapping doesn't send an email either which it should.


Still no notification if a non-colonized body gets changed within a seized system.
Swapped planets now get notification.
And now, an Alliance can lock down all BHGs in a jurisdiction.

I do think N19 might report, but that's sketchy.


I can see the BHG code now honours the BHG-Neutralized law for both the BHG planet and its target.
However, it restricts even alliance members from using a BHG.

If alliance members could use a BHG under the BHG-Neutralized law, I'd suggest we needn't worry about sending mails for changes to seized systems if they haven't enacted the BHG-Neutralized law.
As it is, alliances may need to drop the law temporarily to use a BHG, resulting in a window in which others could also use a BHG.

Should the BHG-Neutralized law allow allies to still use a BHG, allowing us to ignore the mail issue altogether?


Closing since we now have some ways around this.

@lemming552 lemming552 closed this
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