how to rebase your code

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Instructions on how to rebase your changes

If you submitted a pull request, but have been asked to 'rebase your code' then this is what you need to do.

We will refer to the plainblack/Lacuna-Server-Open repository as pb-ls-open

It is likely you will have a github repository (which we will call xx-ls-open) and a local clone of it.

The repositories will currently look something like this.

A---B---D        pb-ls-open/develop
      C          xx-ls-open/develop

What has happened is that you have checked out a copy from pb-ls-open when commit B was at the HEAD. You made your change C but in the mean-time someone else submitted change D on the open source repository.

In your local clone do the following.

$ git checkout develop
$ git pull --ff-only xx-ls-open develop    (probably not necessary)
$ git pull --rebase pb-ls-open develop     (note 4)

(note 4) git recognises that this is doing a rebase of your change but it does not affect your local develop branch. Instead it throws you out onto a (no-branch) branch.

Your local repository should now look like the following.

A---B---C        develop
      D---C'     (no-branch)

What you need to do is to delete both your local develop branch, and it's partner on your github account, then rename your (no-branch) as the new develop

$ git branch -d develop           (this deletes the local develop branch)
$ git push xx-ls-open :develop    (this deletes the remote develop branch)
$ git checkout -b develop         (this creates a new local develop branch)
$ git push xx-ls-open develop     (this creates a new remote develop branch)

Your repository should now look like

A---B---D---C'  xx-ls-open/develop

When you now resubmit a pull request to pb-ls-open, (assuming no further updates to it) it should be possible to do a clean fast-forward merge.

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