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Wing's front end has migrated from Angular 1 and Bootstrap 3 to Vue 2 and
Bootstrap 4. Here's what you need to know to migrate your app.
We're using a whole new set of front-end libraries. Here's where you can find
* wing.vue.js - lib/Wing/WingVue.pod
* Vue -
* Bootstrap -
* Bootstrap+Vue -
* Vue 2 Filters -
* Qs -
* Axios -
* Lodash -
* Noty -
* Font Awesome -
All of the new UI requirements have been loaded up into and Put these in your
headers and footers. You can find these in /data/Wing/var/init/views.
To use wing.vue.js you'll need to add a section to your nginx.conf that looks
like this:
location ~ /wing.vue.js {
root /data/Wing/public;
index wing.vue.js;
Vue doesn't have any built-in datetime filters. wing.vue.js has 2 new functions
that replace the old angular datetime filters from wing.angular.js. However,
you need to this library to use them:
* Luxon -
The 'timeago' filter from wing.angular.js is now in wing.vue.js as wing.format_timeago().
The 'date' filter from Angular, and the 'datetime' filter from wing.angular.js have been
replaced by wing.format_date() in wing.vue.js.
There's no quick convert of a front end from the old system to the new. You need
to rewrite it. The good news is that Bootstrap 4 isn't ridiculously far away
from Bootstrap 3, and wing.vue.js is pretty similar to wing.angular.js.
Therefore, it's possible to do quite a bit of copy-paste migration, but first,
we have a program you can run on a template to do some of the conversion work:
Just replace with the name of your file, and a bunch of conversions
will be made automatically.
If you are using Wing notifications such as wing.success() and your notifications
contain HTML then you'll need to check out the documentation for sending formatted
notifications in WingVue.pod.
### CAVEATS ###
The following things may not be obvious:
* All components are now Boostrap+Vue. That means you'll need to create a Vue
app for them. For example, things like navbars now need a vue app. It's
usually just going to be a one liner like this:
new Vue({el:'#accountnav'});
Lodash has a crapload of programmer friendly functions that can help you. Wing
needs it for debouncing ajax requests, and deep merging objects, but you get to
take advantage of all that as you're writing your Vue components. For example,
instead of writing something like this:
if ('reason' in && != null) {
You could write this:
if (_.isString( {
Thanks to Lodash!