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* Deprecate WebGUI::Session::HTTP - replace with WebGUI::Request/Response
* Investigate moving Cookie handling into middleware
* Reinstate WebGUI::authen with something equivalent
* Refactor assets to use streaming response
* Fix WebGUI::Form::param
* $session->request is now a Plack::Request object
* serverObject gone from WebGUI::Session::open()
* WebGUI::authen API changed
* urlHandler API changed - no longer gets server, config
* Streaming response body
* Mostly decoupled WebGUI from Log4perl
* Exception handling and error doc mapping
* Plack::Middleware::Debug panels
* Replaces all URL Handlers with Middleware
* Periodically do a big stress-test and check for leaks, mysql overload etc..
ab -t 100 -c 10 -k http://dev.localhost.localdomain:5000 | grep 'Req'