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=head1 LEGAL
WebGUI is Copyright 2001-2012 Plain Black Corporation.
Please read the legal notices (docs/legal.txt) and the license
(docs/license.txt) that came with this distribution before using
this software.
use strict;
use Plack::Builder;
use Plack::Util;
use WebGUI::Paths -inc;
use WebGUI::Config;
use WebGUI::Fork;
if ($ENV{PLACK_ENV} ne 'development') {
builder {
my $first_app;
WebGUI::Paths->siteConfigs or die "no configuration files found";
for my $config_file (WebGUI::Paths->siteConfigs) {
my $config = WebGUI::Config->new($config_file) or die "failed to log configuration file: $config_file: $!";
my $psgi = $config->get('psgiFile') || WebGUI::Paths->defaultPSGI;
my $app = do {
# default psgi file uses environment variable to find config file
local $ENV{WEBGUI_CONFIG} = $config_file;
} or die;
$first_app ||= $app;
my $gateway = $config->get('gateway');
$gateway =~ s{^/?}{/};
for my $sitename ( @{ $config->get('sitename') } ) {
mount "http://$sitename$gateway" => $app;
# use the first config found as a fallback
mount '/' => $first_app;
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