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Added some basic POD for WebGUI::{Command,Deprecate}.pm

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perlDreamer committed Oct 20, 2011
1 parent 0106245 commit 00738a17b27d7027f4e526e067dd67fcdcf081e7
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@@ -3,6 +3,23 @@ use strict;
use warnings;
use App::Cmd::Setup -app;

=head1 NAME
WebGUI::Command - Base class for WebGUI commands
use WebGUI::Command;
#subroutines that you'd like to call via command line scripts or UI methods
This is a subclass of App::Cmd::Setup.

use constant plugin_search_path => __PACKAGE__;

@@ -15,6 +15,29 @@ WebGUI::Deprecate - Warn about subroutine deprecations
Deprecate a subroutine, spitting out a warning whenever it is used.
=head2 derp ($message)
derp is short for DEprecation caRP. Similar to carp, derp will emit the message
on STDERR. If the message does not end with a newline, it will append a strack trace
to the message. Each message is only printed once.
=head3 $message
The message to print.
=head2 deprecate ($old_method, $new_method)
This subroutine allows you to replace an old method with a new method and to emit a warning
to the user (developer) that they should be using something else.
=head3 $old_method
The old, deprecated method.
=head3 $new_method
The new, shiny method that should be called in its place.

use strict;

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