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Fix a flaky test.
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perlDreamer committed Jan 16, 2012
1 parent 3b3502b commit b1df3ad
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
8 changes: 5 additions & 3 deletions t/Asset/Wobject/Survey/package.t
Expand Up @@ -40,14 +40,16 @@ $sJSON->update([0,0,1], { text => 'two',});
$sJSON->update([0,0,2], { text => 'more than two',});
$sJSON->update([0,1], { variable => 'name', questionType => 'Text' });


$survey->addType('toes', [0,0]);

$survey->persistSurveyJSON; ##This does not update the SurveyJSON object cacched in the Survey object

my $asset_data = $survey->exportAssetData();

ok exists $asset_data->{question_types}, 'question_types entry exists in asset data to package';
ok exists $asset_data->{question_types}->{toes}, 'the toes type in a question type';
ok exists $asset_data->{question_types}->{toes}, 'the toes type in a question type' or
explain $asset_data;
ok !exists $asset_data->{question_types}->{name}, 'name question not in question types';

$asset_data->{question_types}->{fingers} = clone $asset_data->{question_types}->{toes};
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