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danny_mk, yeah. the best thing you could do is make a branch for the selenium work that doesn't have any other commits in it for other stuff
scrottie git branch selenium; git checkout selenium
scrottie git cherry-pick b8596fd10da910254150db02dc7336bda5a25c89 # to bring over the one commit that you did
scrottie then to push that: git push origin selenium

Install WebGUI using to the instructions at:

Create the following settings in your test site webgui.conf file:
@@ -12,7 +6,7 @@ Create the following settings in your test site webgui.conf file:
"server" : "localhost",
"port" : "4444",
"browser" : "firefox",
"webgui_url" : "http://your_webgui_test_site_url"
"webgui_url" : ""

Make sure you select all the defaults (do not change the "admin" user password)
@@ -32,8 +26,9 @@ Running the Selenium Server (run in a separate command line/window)

If running the selenium tests in the IDE make sure to change:
<link rel="selenium.base" href="" /> TO: <link rel="selenium.base" href="http://your_webgui_test_site_url" />

<link rel="selenium.base" href="" /> TO: <link rel="selenium.base" href="" />
perl -pi -e 's/' *.html

Selenium server not running (this may vary according to the values in your webgui.conf file):
Error requesting http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/:
500 Can't connect to localhost:4444 (Connection refused)

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