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Allow WebGUI::Fork's to be built for asset specific methods, and not …

…only those found in WebGUI::Asset's namespace.
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perlDreamer committed Jun 8, 2012
1 parent 6e88016 commit ffcee041be1172fff499d08f2be28dbde834dedb
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  1. +11 −2 lib/WebGUI/
@@ -849,7 +849,7 @@ following arguments are required in $args:
=head3 method
The name of the WebGUI::Asset method to call
The name of the asset method to call
=head3 args
@@ -867,13 +867,22 @@ An key in Asset's i18n hash for the title of the rendered console page
The full url to redirect to after the fork has finished.
=head3 className
The class to call C<method> in, as in
defaults to the current Asset's classname if left blank.

sub forkWithStatusPage {
my ( $self, $args ) = @_;
my $session = $self->session;

my $process = WebGUI::Fork->start( $session, 'WebGUI::Asset', $args->{method}, $args->{args} );
my $className = $args->{className} || $self->get('className');
my $process = WebGUI::Fork->start( $session, $className, $args->{method}, $args->{args} );

if ( my $groupId = $args->{groupId} ) {

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