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First cut at install instructions. Needs specifics on adding sites an…

…d starting services.
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@@ -53,48 +53,31 @@ rename it so that it doesn't interfere with the WRE MySQL.
will be using, including the AWStats site.

6. Run the WRE Console which you can use to configure WebGUI.
6. Use the WRE environment

cd /data/wre/sbin

NOTE: If you are not an administrator on this machine you should
start the WRE console with sudo like thi:

sudo ./

NOTE: You should probably add the following command to your
profile so it executes every time you log in:
NOTE: You could add the following command to your profile so it
executes every time you log in. However, on CentOS 5 servers
this can interfere with yum running:

. /data/wre/sbin/

7. Use your favorite web browser to visit the WRE Console setup page:

- or -

NOTE: You may have to open a firewall port to access this.
7. Customize the WRE configuration file with database users, paths and other items.

vim /data/wre/etc/wre/conf

8. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the configuration.

NOTE: Safari is not capable of displaying a page as it's being downloaded
so it is not the best browser you can use for the setup process, which is
a realtime process. Safari will work in most cases, but it is not ideal.
We recommend Firefox instead.
8. Run the WRE setup script to create base templates for nginx, logrotate and Spectre

/data/wre/sbin/ --configFile=/data/wre/etc/wre.conf

9. On the command-line, go to /data/WebGUI/sbin, and as root, run the
script to install any new dependencies in WebGUI that may be missing from the WRE.

10. Go to the "Sites" tab and add your first web site.

11. Go to the "Services" tab and start mod_proxy, mod_perl, and S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

12. Visit your new web site!

@@ -148,19 +131,3 @@
To get the WRE to start automatically at boot run the following commands:

ln -s /data/wre/sbin/services/osx/org.webgui.wre.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/

* FreeBSD

You must install and use the bash shell while using the WRE. The WRE also
assumes that the bash shell is installed or linked at /bin/bash.

You can set up the WRE to start automatically at system boot by running the
following commands after the WRE is installed

ln -s /data/wre/sbin/services/freebsd/webgui /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webgui
echo "webgui_enable=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf.local

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