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Update wre.conf POD file for new rsync based backups.

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perlDreamer committed Dec 13, 2011
1 parent 2295edc commit f2a525e48e6474888ac2518400b1aa276640d23e
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@@ -15,32 +15,26 @@ The configuration file is stored as JSON.
=head2 BACKUP

"backup" : {
"compress" : null,
"enabled" : "1",
"externalScripts" : [],
"ftp" : {
"rsync" : {
"enabled" : "1",
"hostname" : "my remote backup host",
"password" : "sekrit",
"path" : "/remote_backups",
"protocol" : "sftp",
"rotations" : "1",
"usePassiveTransfers" : "1",
"user" : "username"
"items" : {
"domainsFolder" : "1",
"fullWre" : "0",
"mysql" : "1",
"smallWre" : "1",
"webgui" : "1"
"items" : { ##List of directories to backup, wildcards are okay
"/data/domains", ##All domain files
"/data/WebGUI", ##All of WebGUI, including etc and sbin
"/data/backup/*.sql.gz", ##All database dumps
"/data/wre/etc" ##All WRE configuration files
"mysql" : {
"password" : "also_sekrit",
"user" : "other_name"
"path" : "/backup",
"rotations" : "15"

=over 4
@@ -55,19 +49,17 @@ Optional value that can be set to run external script during backup.

=item B<items>

The parts of WebGUI that should be backupped (domainsFolder,fullWre,mysql,smallWre(only configfiles),webgui), set the according values to non-zero if these parts should be backupped.
A list of directories that should be backed up. They are copied to B<path> and optionally transferred remotely.

=item B<path>

The path to the directory on the WebGUI host, where the backups are stored.

=item B<rotations>

The number of rotations that should be stored on the WebGUI host.



Rsync based backups require that private/public key-pair be setup for transfers.

=over 4

@@ -79,26 +71,14 @@ This value has to be non-zero to enable remote backups

The hostname of the host where the remote backups will be stored

=item B<password>

The password of the backup user on the remote host.

=item B<path>

The path on the remote host where the backups should be stored. Backup user must have write access.

=item B<protocol>

The protocol that is used to transfer backups to the remote host. Valid values are ftp, sftp, http, https and fish.

=item B<rotations>

The number of rotations that should be stored on the remote host.

=item B<usePassiveTransfers>

This vale can be set to zero to use non-passive ftp transfers

=item B<user>

The user on the remote host
@@ -107,6 +87,6 @@ The user on the remote host

=head1 AUTHOR

Copyright 2001-2009 Plain Black Corporation.
Copyright 2001-2011 Plain Black Corporation.


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