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Extending Prism for simplicity and completeness
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The Plainion.Prism library provides various extensions to the Prism library to simplify the usage and to extend of its concepts.

NuGet Version


This namespace provides MVVM compatible dialog integration for various common use cases

  • "Exit without save" handling dialog: ExitWithoutSaveView and ExitWithoutSaveNotification allow popup of "Save changes?" dialog using MVVM friendly InteractionRequest
  • "Common" dialogs: open the following common dialogs through InteractionRequestions
    • File open
    • File save
    • Select folder
  • Print dialog: handle printing in MVVM style through InteractionRequests, Notifications and IPrintRequestAware

Furthermore it provides general helpers to handle dialogs in an MVVM environment

  • PopupViewAction: more flexible PopupWindowAction
  • PopupWindowActionRegionAdapter: RegionAdapter to enable Prism to directly inject views into a PopupWindowAction
  • PopupWindowContentControl: ContentControl implementing IInteractionRequestAware to perfectly fit into PopupwindowActions and to easily support view injection via Prism


  • ValidatableBindableBase implments INotifyDataErrorInfo and serves as a base class for views which require input validation


  • StackPanelRegionAdapter is a Prism RegionAdapter which enables Prism to inject views directly into StackPanels


Use the reference implementation (Plainion.RI.exe) to play around with the extensions provided by this library.

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