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HL1606grid - Addressable matrix of LEDs

A library to control a matrix built out of HL1606-based LED strips. You set individual LED colors in the grid, then write them all out at once.

To see it in action (or get more detailed info), check out the blog about it.

This library doesn't have any PWM support, it's just for primary colors.


Depends on adafruit's HL1606strip library (must be installed separately, in libraries/).

To download

Click DOWNLOADS in the top right (or clone).

To install

  1. Make sure you have a "libraries" directory in your arduino directory

  2. Extract (or clone) the library to libraries/HL1606grid/

  3. Restart your Arduino IDE

Example Code

The library comes with example code. To run it, go to (in the Arduino IDE):

  1. File

  2. Examples

  3. HL1606grid

  4. HL1606gridDemo

(Then compile and run)


  • If you don't have HL1606strip under examples, then you didn't install the required dependency correctly.

  • If you don't have HL1606grid under examples, then you didn't install this library correctly.