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#include <WProgram.h>
class Color {
Color(byte r, byte g, byte b);
uint8_t red, green, blue;
class Pixel {
Pixel(Pixel *p);
void setColor(byte r, byte g, byte b);
void setColor(Color *c);
void copy(Pixel *pixel);
Color color();
uint8_t red, green, blue;
uint8_t transitionRed, transitionGreen, transitionBlue;
float transitionRedStep, transitionGreenStep, transitionBlueStep;
uint8_t id;
void transitionTo(uint8_t steps, byte r, byte g, byte b);
void transitionTo(uint8_t steps, Color color);
uint8_t stepsRemaining;
void transition();
bool transitioning();
class LPD8806 {
void write8(byte);
// the arrays of bytes that hold each LED's 24 bit color values
uint8_t *pixel_data;
uint16_t numLEDs, sizeofPixel;
uint8_t dataPin, clockPin;
//Pixel pixels[];
Pixel pixels[32];
LPD8806(uint16_t n, uint8_t dpin, uint8_t cpin);
void begin();
void show();
void setPixelColor(uint16_t n, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b);
void setPixelColor(uint16_t n, uint32_t c);
uint16_t numPixels(void);
uint16_t index(uint16_t i);
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