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The website, a portal to Ledger, hledger, beancount and co.
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The website

This is the source for, an information portal/overview site for Plain Text Accounting and related tools: Ledger, hledger, beancount, etc.

The repo is named to make it the Github Pages site for the plaintextaccounting organization, allowing it to be served with the custom domain.

How to contribute an update (using web UI)

(Ok for trivial updates)

  1. Log in to Github and click the pencil at
  2. Make your changes to the markdown source. Commit.
  3. Make the corresponding changes in the generated index.html. Commit. It's ok to skip this step if you must; we'll update the html for you.
  4. These commits will be bundled into a pull request (I think). Or will be applied immediately if you have commit access.

How to contribute an update (using pandoc)

  1. Log in to Github, fork this repo, clone it to your machine.
  2. Make your changes to (and/or, css/*, images/*).
  3. Regenerate index.html as follows:
    • Ensure you have pandoc 2.5+ and [GNU Make] installed, and run make. (Preferred).
    • If you don't have GNU Make, you can run pandoc -f markdown-smart+autolink_bare_uris --template index.tmpl -o index.html
    • If you don't have pandoc, you can update index.html by hand (ok for trivial changes).
  4. Commit the changes (source files and regenerated html files, eg both and index.html).
  5. git push to your fork.
  6. Submit a pull request.

How to get commit access

If you're a recurring contributor and haven't yet been granted commit access, feel free to open an issue to request it.

How to see a live local preview

  1. Install entr and livereloadx
  2. In one window, make liverender to update index.html
  3. In another window, make livereload to run a live-reloading local webserver
  4. Open the page in a browser: http://localhost:10000
  5. Save changes in, see updates in the browser.
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