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Simon Michael edited this page Jan 17, 2022 · 11 revisions

This wiki is an ever-growing repository of small plain text accounting examples and tips, complementing

Trying to figure out the right bookkeeping entries for a situation ? Check the Pages list for one matching your need, or ask us.

More tips: Don't Sink Your First Attempts at Plaintext Accounting.

Not using plain text accounting software ? You might still find it useful to see double-entry bookkeeping transactions in the PTA notation.

About this wiki

This wiki's repo is works as a shortcut, eg any of these will work: and lending

Maintenance is coordinated in the #plaintextaccounting chat room on Matrix/ All help is welcome.

Current vision (2022):

  • a page for each common transaction or situation
  • showing example journal entries, variations and alternative techniques
  • ready to use with one or more of the PTA tools (showing each tool's variant is welcome but not required)
  • automatically tested against tools' current release (some day)
  • crowd-sourced, human-organised, kept clean
  • relatively stable urls/ids, easily referenceable from chat rooms, docs and software
  • where helpful, consolidate work from tool-specific sites to reduce duplicated effort and increase traction
  • appropriate combined use of reader-friendly site and editor-friendly github wiki