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var element = document.getElementById("target");
jester(target).tap(function() {
    alert("You hit the target!");


Jester is a small JavaScript library for easily recognising touch gestures on DOM elements on the iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t rely on any libraries (like jQuery or MooTools or Dojo or YUI) but should easily work with all of them. The only thing Jester needs to start processing gestures is access to a DOM element.

“Why on earth do we need this?” I hear you bellow. Well, because at the moment you have to process touch events and gesture events yourself. It can take time and effort to learn how to interpret these events properly. Using Jester will cut down the amount of code you have to write and will save you time.

Jester currently supports taps, double taps, swipes, flicks and pinches.


Want to get using the code quickly? Git the repo and then see The Basics of Using Jester, Jester's Syntax and Supported Gestures for code examples.

Want to see something working quickly? Git the repo and browse the index.html file on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is most easily achieved using the iPhone simulator that comes with the iPhone SDK. As you gesture on the black square, you will see console messages registering your actions. GO!


Aims of the Jester project include:

  1. Super Easy Gesture Recognition

  2. Elegant Syntax

  3. Library Agnostic

The README file which accompanies Jester is another good resource for learning a bit about the library.

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