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A git(hub) copy of pybgp (which is otherwise bzr hosted at launchpad) for easier access.
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Github copy notes

This is my github copy of pybgp, which is usually hosted on launchpad. Although I have little towards bzr, I am mort comfortable with git and I really like github so I thought I'd make a copy here for my own convenience. Please note that at this point, this version is not modified from the original with exception to this readme file.

Original README

This code is a simple python BGP implementation. It only speaks the protocol; there is no code for building or maintaining a RIB, or doing kernel-layer stuff such as inserting or deleting routes.

Whilst I'm not opposed to someone else adding those things, I have no use for them, so please don't ask me to write them ;o)

The intended use is for things such as anycast load-balancing, as with DNS or similar services. There is a script in "examples" which is very similar to the code we use.

There are a few tests; there could and should be more.

The code as written requires Python 2.5 struct.unpack_from. It would be pretty easy to either remove this requirement or make a compatibility layer for older python versions.

The project is run, somewhat against my better judgement, in Launchpad:

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