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Verifies that a given RecSys challenge submision is properly constructed.
python challenge_set.json submission.csv
import sys
import json
valid_tracks = set(['main', 'creative'])
def verify_submission(challenge_path, submission_path):
has_team_info = False
error_count = 0
f = open(challenge_path)
js =
challenge = json.loads(js)
error_count += 1
print "Can't read the challenge set"
return error_count
pids = set([playlist['pid'] for playlist in challenge['playlists']])
if len(challenge['playlists']) != 10000:
print "Bad challenge set"
error_count += 1
# seed_tracks contains seed tracks for each challenge playlist
seed_tracks = {}
for playlist in challenge['playlists']:
track_uris = [track['track_uri'] for track in playlist['tracks']]
seed_tracks[playlist['pid']] = set(track_uris)
found_pids = set()
if error_count > 0:
return error_count
f = open(submission_path)
for line_no, line in enumerate(f):
line = line.strip()
if not line:
if line[0] == '#':
if not has_team_info:
if line.startswith("team_info"):
has_team_info = True
tinfo = line.split(',')
if tinfo[1] in valid_tracks:
track = tinfo[1]
team_name = tinfo[2]
elif tinfo[2] in valid_tracks:
track = tinfo[2]
team_name = tinfo[1]
print "unknown challenge track", tinfo[1], "should be 'main' or 'creative' at line", line_no
error_count += 1
print "missing team_info at line", line_no
error_count += 1
fields = line.split(',')
fields = [f.strip() for f in fields]
pid = int(fields[0])
except ValueError:
print "bad pid (should be an integer)", fields[0], "at line", line_no
error_count += 1
tracks = fields[1:]
if not pid in pids:
print "bad pid", pid, "at line", line_no
error_count += 1
if len(tracks) != NTRACKS:
print "wrong number of tracks, found", len(tracks), "should have", NTRACKS, "at", line_no
error_count += 1
if len(set(tracks)) != NTRACKS:
print "wrong number of unique tracks, found", len(set(tracks)), "should have", NTRACKS, "at", line_no
error_count += 1
if seed_tracks[pid].intersection(set(tracks)):
print "found seed tracks in the submission for playlist", pid, "at", line_no
error_count += 1
for uri in tracks:
if not is_track_uri(uri):
print "bad track uri", uri, "at", line_no
error_count += 1
if len(found_pids) != len(pids):
print "wrong number of playlists, found", len(found_pids), "expected", len(pids)
error_count += 1
return error_count
def is_track_uri(uri):
fields = uri.split(':')
return len(fields) == 3 and fields[0] == 'spotify' and fields[1] == 'track' and len(fields[2]) == 22
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print "usage: python challenge_set.json submission.csv"
errors = verify_submission(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
if errors == 0:
print "Submission is OK! It is ready to submit to the Recsys challenge."
print "Your submission has", errors, "errors. If you submit it, it will be rejected."
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