A web app that sorts your playlists by a wide range of Echo Nest parameters
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Sort Your Music

A web app that lets you sort your music.

Online at


Local Development

The following section describes how to develop Sort Your Music locally. It requires an Echo Nest and Spotify API key.

Install leveldb

$ brew install leveldb

Install requirements for API server (optionally setup virtualenv first):

$ pip install -r server/requirements.txt

Configure application keys for Echo Nest and Spotify, either export manually:

export SPOTIPY_REDIRECT_URI=http://...
export ECHO_NEST_API_KEY=...

or copy projenv.example, modify it, then source it:

$ . projenv

Edit web/config.js to point to localhost and update Spotify client id.

Run server

$ $(cd server ; python server2.py)

Optionally warm up server cache with top 1000 artists (this may take some time):

$ $(cd server ; python warm.py)

Connect to http://localhost:8235/SortYourMusic/