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Mar 10, 2013


Big changes for 0.5.0
-Cleaned up some of the logging.
-Added some error handling.
-Improved messaging on config.yml given that you can now install from rubygems
-Improved messaging about running as root (there's a warning now).

Oh, and added a built in DNS forwarder (based on rubydns).

This means that DNSMasq is no longer needed to use SiriProxy. You can now use the `-d` option and provide your SiriProxy server's address and it will set up a DNS forwarder for you. Just point your iPhone's DNS to your forwarder and you're good to go!
Feb 11, 2013


Another version, another license
I'm really tired of dealing with the legal aspects of running an open source project. It's frustratingly difficult to just make something free for others to use.

Upon learning more about the GPL, it's really not what I wanted in a license for SiriProxy. So going forward, we're gonna go with MIT. It should provide more flexibility for people to make derivative projects.

If you love the GPL, just fork an older version (0.3.X). If you want to just use SiriProxy in pretty much whatever way you like, go with version 0.4 or later.

I'm hoping to do more work and make SiriProxy more useful. Who knows, we might even see a 1.0 release someday.

For now, be free, go MIT.
Dec 7, 2011


Merge branch 'refs/heads/dev'
Nov 30, 2011


Now with gemification!
Nov 30, 2011


Last commit for original plugin API
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