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+ Wunderlist for Desktop +
For details on Wunderlist, please see < Wunderlist source code is licensed under the terms of the Apache Public License, version 2.
Building Wunderlist
Wunderlist is based on Titanium. Download the current Titanium stable on and create an new desktop project. Open terminal and go into the "Resources" folder of the empty project you created.
Then type "git clone ." and that's it! Now you are member of the Wunderlist community ;)
Known Bugs
The desktop version of Wunderlist has some strange bugs that we couldn't fix yet. They will be fixed when Titanium 1.1.0 is released.
- Auto-Update on Windows
- Bad OS X behaviour (Close on "X")
- Doesn't work on Linux (Drag & Drop and Menu Bug)
Getting Assistance
For more help on Wunderlist (or to report bugs), we have a good support tracker on
We'd also encourage you to follow us on Twitter at or @6Wunderkinder
- Christian Reber, Product Developer
- Daniel Marschner, App Developer
- Dennis Schneider, App Developer
- Marvin Labod, Front-End
- Sebastian Kreutzberger, App Developer
- Adam Renklint, Javascript Developer
- Alejandro Martinez, Spanish
- Sergio Melro ( and Pedro Crispim, Portuguese
- Joram Marino (, Italian
- Sebastian Szok (, Polish
- Jakub Jarabica (, Slovensky
- Harry Lafranc ( and Kaelig (, French
- Chals Pamies, Catalan
- Joram Schrijver, Dutch
- Mikkel Keiding, Danish
- Dimko Rodyk (, Ukrainian
- Plistil Jiri, Czech
- Alper Demir, Turkish
- Ethan Kwong, Chinese
- Mohammad Abu Ajamieh, Arabic
- Johan Gertsson, Swedish
- Fumihiko Shibata, Japanese
- Náray Emánuel, Hungarian
- Seungho Kim and Pumsuk Cho, Korean
- Mattis Hovden Aas, Norwegian
- Marijan Rajić, Croatian
- Ivan Stambolic, Serbian
- Xurxo Guerra, Galician
- Rafael Dohms ( and Vinícius Sales (, Brazilian Portuguese
Huge thanks to all our users, we love you!
Legal Stuff
Copyright (C) 2010-2011 by 6 Wunderkinder (6 Wunderkinder GmbH, Germany) All Rights Reserved.
Wunderlist is a trademark of 6 Wunderkinder GmbH.
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