CLI tool to convert SSIM flight schedule data to GTFS
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ssim2gtfs converts IATA SSIM flight schedule data into a GTFS zip containing trips, stops, stop times and calendars.


ssim2gtfs requires node 10.x or above

ssim2gtfs is a CLI tool that can be installed via NPM:

npm install -g ssim2gtfs

It can be run by specifying the input and output files as CLI arguments:

ssim2gtfs flights.ssim

Or using unix pipes:

cat flights.ssim | ssim2gtfs >


The GTFS does not support many of the fields in the SSIM standard so there is a lot of information that is not retained.

  • An extended route type of 1100 (air service) is used
  • All timezones are converted to UTC
  • Stop data is derived from
  • Agency data is derived from


Issues and PRs are very welcome. To get the project set up run

git clone
npm install --dev
npm test

If you would like to send a pull request please write your contribution in TypeScript and if possible, add a test.


This software is licensed under GNU GPLv3.