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You may be interested in this library if you want to develop a client application written in Javascript that will use your Plancake data stored in the Cloud.
This is a library that allows you to use the Plancake API without worrying about low-level details, such as REST communication, JSON handling.
With this library your custom client application will be able to interact with the Plancake data stored in the cloud as if the data was stored locally.
In order to use this, you need to get an API key here:
To get started, have a look at the Example.html file and explore the public methods of the PLANCAKE.PlancakeApiClient class.
In order to make the example work, you need to request an API key and an API secret from:
Please use the API reference for more details:
We love to hear from you ♥. Please, send us any feedback.
Even if you don't speak English, don't worry, use your native language (we have great confidence in Google Translate :-))
Please contact us if you need any commercial support with the installation of any component or if you would like any customization:
Please consider contributing with bug fixes or improvements:
Plancake homepage:
Subscribe to our blog:
Follow us on Twitter:
Follow us on Facebook:
Donations ♥ :
"Plancake" and "Plancake Team" are trademarks of Daniele Occhipinti.
(by the way, what about using Plancake Team for team collaboration?
Brought to you by Danyuki Software Limited, a startup tech company based in London, UK.
Happy plancaking!
Daniele Occhipinti
Director and Founder of Plancake
skype: dan_plan (I can speak English and Italian)
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