A design system methodology based on the aesthetics of Indian Classical Music.
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Sargam Design

A methodology for creating strong and scalable design systems. Based on the aesthetics of Indian Classical Music.

From the design foundations, process, voice and tone, to conceptual models, style-guide, patterns, and documentation. Sargam brings all of these together in a way that allow design teams to learn, build, and iterate fast, and grow.

The system that gives flexibility for working with the unknown devices of the future and drive to scale companies.

Three levels of Sargam

  1. Inventory - Aligning process, foundations, and conceptual models.
  2. Principles - Defining the detailed guiding principles and style guide.
  3. Compositions - Composing patterns in the context of the company.


Designed for

  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Framer X
  • Figma

Fonts used

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This project is licensed under the GNU License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.