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Techtown Portland 2016 Diversity Survey

This repo contains the 2016 Results for the Techtown Portland Diversity Survey.

Prerequisites For this Application

This application uses Jekyll. To use Jekyll, make sure you follow these guides:

Install Steps

  • Make sure you have the jekyll gem (and follow guides above)
  • bundle install --path vendor
  • bundle exec jekyll serve will run a localhost server and convert SCSS to CSS
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4000/

CSV Parser

Data for this application was collected from a CSV that was provided by Techtown Portland.

A ruby program in parser/parse.rb will parse through the CSV columns and find matching users based on your query. See parse.rb file for additional usage information.

Run in your console to initialize the program:

  • cd parser/ (or navigate there however)
  • ruby parse.rb

NOTE: The purpose of the parser is not to dynamically insert values into the javascript, it is to loop through the CSV and make an array of User objects that can be counted and compared based upon their answers.

Javascript Usage

Chartist.js ( is used to render SVG charts on the page.

The charts-data.js organizes the options for Chartist as well as the data collected from the CSV Parser.

The filter-charts.js handles the logic for building the Charts based on data and options defined in charts-data.js.

The app.js initializes the Survey and handles front-end event handlers.


Underlying code base for TechTown Portland Diversity Survey results



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