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We bring freedom and moddability to massively multiplayer games with decentralization and open source technology.


  1. libplanet Public

    Distributed ledger core in C#/.NET for decentralized online games

    C# 435 120

  2. Unity client application for Nine Chronicles, a fully decentralized idle RPG powered by the community.

    C# 223 107

  3. A headless node of NineChronicles game network, powered by Libplanet.

    C# 27 31

  4. lib9c Public

    Lib9c is a library that contains key implementations of Nine Chronicles, a decentralized RPG developed with Libplanet. Lib9c includes Nine Chronicle's key features like in-game decisions and data m…

    C# 17 34

  5. 9c-launcher Public

    Nine Chronicles Launcher

    TypeScript 16 26

  6. Libplanet-based sample clicker game

    C# 22 11


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