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Check if a push or a pull request contains self-describing changelog
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Changelog Check

This GitHub app checks if a push or a pull request contains self-describing changelog. A log needs to be written in a changelog file.

Changelog file

A changelog file is automatically detected by its filename. If a filename looks like CHANGES or ChangeLog, no matter its case or file extension, it is treated as a changelog file.

Skipping check

Sometimes a commit or a pull request has only a trivial change. To skip changelog check, add [changelog skip] (or [skip changelog]) to a commit message. It does not necessarily have to be the first line.

In case of a pull request, a skip mark works for any commit in the pull request.

FYI the syntax follows the convention of [ci skip].

Source code

This app is distributed under AGPL 3 or later. See the source repository:

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