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Libplanet is a .NET library for creating multiplayer online game in decentralized fashion, which means the whole gameplay occurs on a peer-to-peer network among equal nodes rather than an authorized central server. Under the hood, it incorporates many features (e.g., digital signature, BFT consensus, data replication) of a blockchain.


Although this project has never released any version, for everyday and every merge commit, it is packed into a .nupkg and uploaded to NuGet with a hyphen-suffixed version name.

For a merge commit build, a version name is like 0.1.0-dev.123+20181231 where 123 is a build number in our CI system and 20181231 is a date of the build. For a daily build, a version name is like 0.1.0-nightly.20181231.

In the near future, we are going to submit it to Unity Asset Store too.


The following command installs dependencies (required library packages) and builds the whole Libplanet solution:

msbuild /r

Note that msbuild is distributed together with Mono framework or Visual Studio.


To build and run unit tests at a time execute the below command:

msbuild /r /t:'Build;XunitTest' Libplanet.Tests

It's okay to omit /r and Build task if you've already run msbuild /r right before:

msbuild /t:XunitTest Libplanet.Tests