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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Name="Rules for Libplanet.Tests"
Description="Code analysis rules for Libplanet.Tests.csproj."
<!-- Single line comment should begin with a space. -->
<Rule Id="SA1005" Action="None" />
<!-- Closing parenthesis should be on line of opening parenthesis -->
<Rule Id="SA1112" Action="None" />
<!-- The parameter spans multiple lines -->
<Rule Id="SA1118" Action="None" />
<!-- Allow tuple types in signatures omit element names. -->
<Rule Id="SA1414" Action="None" />
<!-- Allow tuple fields to be referred by index (i.e. ItemN). -->
<Rule Id="SA1142" Action="None" />
<!-- Single-line comment should be preceded by blank line. -->
<Rule Id="SA1515" Action="None" />
<!-- TODO: Write copyright -->
<Rule Id="SA1633" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1652" Action="None" />
<!-- Allow field name to begin with an underscore. -->
<Rule Id="SA1309" Action="None" />
<!-- Allow an expression not to declare parenthese. -->
<Rule Id="SA1407" Action="None" />
<!-- Allow a rich text in a XML doc comment's <summary>. -->
<Rule Id="SA1462" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1642" Action="None" />
<!-- Every property's docs doesn't have to start with "Gets", because
it's ridiculous. -->
<Rule Id="SA1623" Action="None" />
<!--Allow to call an instance member of the local class or a base class is
not prefixed with 'this.'. -->
<Rule Id="SA1101" Action="None" />
<!--Allow closing parenthesis to be placed in new line. -->
<Rule Id="SA1009" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1111" Action="None" />
<!-- TODO: Documentation -->
<Rule Id="SA1600" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1601" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA0001" Action="None" />
<Rules AnalyzerId="Menees.Analyzers" RuleNamespace="Menees.Analyzers">
<Rule Id="MEN002" Action="Warning" />
<Rule Id="MEN007" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="MEN009" Action="Warning" />
<Rule Id="MEN010" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="MEN011" Action="None" />
<Rules AnalyzerId="SonarAnalyzer" RuleNamespace="SonarAnalyzer">
<!-- Either remove or fill this block of code. -->
<Rule Id="S108" Action="None" />
<!-- Add the default parameter value defined in the overridden method. -->
<Rule Id="S1006" Action="None" />
<!-- Take the required action to fix the issue indicated by this
'FIXME' comment. -->
<Rule Id="S1134" Action="None" />
<!-- Complete the task associated to this 'TODO' comment. -->
<Rule Id="S1135" Action="None" />
<!-- Add a nested comment explaining why this method is empty, throw a
'NotSupportedException' or complete the implementation. -->
<Rule Id="S1186" Action="None" />
<!-- Make field 'readonly'. -->
<Rule Id="S2933" Action="None" />
<!-- Return 'Task' instead. -->
<Rule Id="S3168" Action="None" />
<!-- Extract this nested ternary operation into an independent statement. -->
<Rule Id="S3358" Action="Info" />
<!-- Make this test method non-'async' or return 'Task'. -->
<Rule Id="S3433" Action="None" />
<!-- Fix this implementation of 'IDisposable' to conform to the dispose
pattern. -->
<Rule Id="S3881" Action="None" />
<!-- Rename parameter 'A' to 'B' to match the interface declaration. -->
<Rule Id="S927" Action="None" />
<!-- Add a 'protected' constructor or the 'static' keyword to the class
declaration. -->
<Rule Id="S1118" Action="None" />
<!-- Remove the unused local variable 'x'. -->
<Rule Id="S1481" Action="None" />
<!-- Remove this parameter 'x', whose value is ignored in the method. -->
<Rule Id="S1172" Action="None" />
<!-- Remove this useless assignment to local variable x -->
<Rule Id="S1854" Action="None" />
<!-- Change this condition so that it does not always evaluate to 'false'; some subsequent code is never executed. -->
<Rule Id="S2583" Action="None" />
<!-- Remove this redundant jump. -->
<Rule Id="S3626" Action="None" />
<!-- Restrict types of objects allowed to be deserialized. -->
<Rule Id="S5773" Action="None" />