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Contributor guide

Note: This document at present is for only code contributors. We should expand it so that it covers reporting bugs, filing issues, and writing docs.

Questions & online chat Discord

We have a Discord server to discuss Libplanet. There are some channels for purposes:

  • #libplanet-users: Chat with game programmers who use Libplanet. Ask questions to use Libplanet for your games.
  • #libplanet-dev: Chat with maintainers and contributors of Libplanet. Ask questions to hack Libplanet and to make a patch for it.
  • #libplanet-users-kr: The same purpose to #libplanet-users, except you can speak Korean instead English here.


If you use Linux or macOS you need Mono, which provides C# compiler and .NET VM. You could install it by sudo apt install mono-devel command if you use Ubuntu Linux. If you use macOS and Homebrew, You can install it by brew cask install mono-mdk command.

If you are on Windows you need things like C# compiler included in Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017. Choose the following workloads during installation:

  • Windows.NET desktop build tools
  • Other Toolsets.NET Core build tools

These tools should bring MSBuild, the Libplanet project uses to build, as well. Check if msbuild is available on the shell or Command Prompt. If it fails to find command named msbuild it might be not installed correctly or its directory might be missing in the PATH environment.

Although it is not necessary, you should install a proper IDE for .NET (or an OmniSharp extension for your favorite editor — except it takes hours to properly configure and integrate with your editor). C# is not like JavaScript or Python; it is painful to code in C# without IDE.

Unless you already have your favorite setup, we recommend you to use Visual Studio Code. It is free, open source, and made by Microsoft, which made .NET as well. So Visual Studio Code has a first-party C# extension which works well together.


The following command installs dependencies (required library packages) and builds the whole Libplanet solution:

msbuild -r

Tests Build Status Codecov

We write as complete tests as possible to the corresponding implementation code. Going near to the code coverage 100% is one of our goals.

The Libplanet solution consists of two projects. Libplanet is an actual implementation. It is built to a Libplanet.dll assembly and packed as a NuGet package.

Libplanet.Tests is a test suite for the Libplanet.dll assembly. It depends on Xunit, and every namespace and class in it corresponds to one in Libplanet project. If there's Libplanet.Foo.Bar class there also should be Libplanet.Tests.Foo.BarTest to test it.

To build and run unit tests at a time execute the below command:

msbuild -r -t:'Build;XunitTest' Libplanet.Tests

It's okay to omit -r and Build task if you've already run msbuild -r right before:

msbuild -t:XunitTest Libplanet.Tests

Style convention

Please follow the existing coding convention. We are already using several static analyzers. They are automatically executed together with msbuild, and will warn you if there are any style errors.

You should also register Git hooks we commonly use:

git config core.hooksPath hooks

We highly recommend you to install an extension for EditorConfig in your favorite editor. Some recent editors have built-in support for EditorConfig, e.g., Rider (IntelliJ IDEA), Visual Studio. Many editors have an extension to support EditorConfig, e.g., Atom, Emacs, Vim, VS Code.

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