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Co-Authored-By: Hong Minhee <>
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moreal and dahlia committed Feb 12, 2020
1 parent ed1a88a commit 60d3e2340370eb05df94ad6d489e31b67e29d724
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### Behavioral changes

- `BlockChain.MineBlock()` method became to ignore transactions having
lower nonce than expected nonce in the chain. [[#791]]
lower nonce than the expected nonce in the chain. [[#791]]

### Bug fixes

- `Swarm<T>` became not to sync the same `Block<T>`s or `Transaction<T>`s
multiple times. [[#784]]
- Fixed a `Swarm<T>`'s bug that had broadcasted a message to its source peer when
the number of peers is not enough (less than the minimum number). [[#788]]
- Fixed a bug where `BlockChain.MineBlock()` couldn't mine valid block
if there was staged transaction which, has lower nonce than expected nonce,
in other word, has same nonce with transactions which signed by
same signer and already included. [[#791]]
- Fixed a bug where `BlockChain.MineBlock()` had produced an invalid block
when there is any staged transaction which has lower nonce than the expected nonce,
that means, shares an already taken nonce by the same signer. [[#791]]


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