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@@ -50,6 +50,12 @@ For a merge commit build, a version name is like `0.1.0-dev.123+20181231` where
`123` is a build number in our CI system and `20181231` is a date of the build.
For a daily build, a version name is like `0.1.0-nightly.20181231`.

Unfortuneatly, Unity currently does not support NuGet. There are some Unity
plug-ins to deal with NuGet package system, and these seem immature at present.
To use Libplanet on Unity, you need to manually extract *Libplanet.dll*
from *Libplanet.\*.nupkg* file and place it inside of your Unity project.
We are acknowledging the fact Libplanet is currently not very usable together
with Unity, and promise to make it better in next few minor releases.
In the near future, we are going to submit it to [Unity Asset Store] too.


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