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This is Markdown.

A reference made with love by Planetary using Airframe.


Getting Started

  1. Run npm install to install all NodeJS packages
  2. Run gulp build to build the project.


  1. Run gulp to continuously watch and re-build the project

Installing Sublime Text Helpers

SCSS Linting

  1. Open Sublime Text 3, type Cmd+Shift+P to open the prompt and type to select "Package Control: Install Package"
  2. Type to select "SublimeLinter", wait until that finishes installing.
  3. Open the "Install Package" prompt from step 1 again and type to select "SublimeLinter-contrib-scss-lint", wait until that finishes installing.
  4. From the command line, run sudo gem install scss-lint
  5. Restart Sublime Text 3 and you should now see linting issues in the gutter of the editor.