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Integration of OpenLayers 3 and Esri ArcGIS REST services.

Provides the following functionality:

  • translation of ArcGIS REST API styling to OpenLayers 3 styles
  • automatic configuration of tile and image layers from the ArcGIS REST API

Getting started

npm install
npm run build

Unit tests

npm start
npm test


npm run lint


npm start

Using npm

There is no package on but you can use a git type url for instance: "dependencies": { "ole": "boundlessgeo/ole#v0.6.1" }

What is supported?

  • Simple Marker Symbol: except for xoffset and yoffset
  • Simple Line Symbol
  • Simple Fill Symbol: except for style
  • Picture Marker Symbol: except for xoffset and yoffset
  • Text Symbol: except for backgroundColor, borderLineSize, borderLineColor, haloSize, haloColor, rightToLeft, kerning
  • Simple renderer: except for rotationType, rotationExpression
  • Unique value renderer: except for field2, field3, fieldDelimiter, defaultLabel, rotationType, rotationExpression
  • Class breaks renderer: except for backgroundFillSymbol, rotationType, rotationExpression


Copyright 2015 Boundless Spatial, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: