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GeoServer Explorer

A plugin to configure and manage GeoServer from QGIS.


The plugin is available through QGIS official plugin repository. Nevertheless, to install it using this repository, run the following in a terminal (you will need to have paver installed):

$ paver setup
$ paver install

The first command will fetch the dependencies required by the plugin. The second one will install the plugin in your local QGIS plugins folder. In case you have already downloadd the GeoServer Explorer plugin, this second step will silently fail, in order to make it work go to your local plugin directory (e.g., "$HOME/.qgis2/python/plugins" and remove the "geoserverexplorer" folder, then run paver install again). Open QGIS and you should already see the GeoServer Explorer plugin available in your QGIS plugin manager.


Thew plugin is documented here.

Getting Help

If you have questions, please use the project mailing list

Use the Github project for any bug reports. Pull requests are welcome.

Cloning this repository

This repository uses external repositories as submodules. Therefore in order to include the external repositories during cloning you should use the --recursive option:

git clone --recursive

Also, to update the submodules whenever there are changes in the remote repositories one should do:

git submodule update --remote

Run unit tests

just execute the script

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