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Awesome Series @ Planet Jekyll

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Awesome (Gem-Packaged) Jekyll Themes

A collection of awesome (gem-packaged) Jekyll themes

ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for awesome "classic" Jekyll themes? See the Dr. Jekyll's Themes directory / listing.

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.


Note: Starting with Jekyll 3.2+ Themes can get packaged up into Ruby gems.

See the (Gem-Packaged) Themes Page @ Jekyll Docs ».

Intro / Disclaimer

Gem-Packaged Themes vs. "Classic" Themes

From the "Unofficial" Jekyll F.A.Q.:

Q: How can I get started with gem-packaged themes? / Do I need to package my theme into a gem?

Gem-packaged themes are just an advanced option and in addition they are in development for (real world) experiments (e.g. think v0.1 as stated by the Ben Balter - the lead designer / manager / dev at GitHub).

Thus, to conclude do NOT read too much into the official themes docs e.g. as the only or "right" way to design a theme. Just (continue to) use "classic" themes - there are hundreds to learn from and once you have mastered "classic" themes you can "graduate" to the master class, that is, using gem-packaged themes.

Again gem-packaged themes are wonderful and welcome -- remember, however, the party is just getting started:

For some "classic" starter themes you may try some of Henry's themes:

For the "state-of-the-art" what a "classic" theme can do - see the incredible beautiful and extremely well-documented (incl. a getting started guide and much much more) Minimal Mistakes (MM) theme by Michael Rose. Happy Jekylling.

Official Themes

Minima ★112 (gem: minima, github: jekyll/minima) by Joel Glovier, Ben Balter, Parker Moore et al -- a one-size-fits-all theme for writers

Swiss ★35 (gem: jekyll-swiss, github: broccolini/swiss) by Diana Mounter -- a bold typographic theme inspired by Swiss design

Athena ★18 (gem: jekyll-athena, github: broccolini/athena) by Diana Mounter -- a simple and elegant theme

More Themes

Minimal Mistakes ★1316 (gem: minimal-mistakes-jekyll, github: mmistakes/minimal-mistakes) by Michael Rose -- a flexible two-column theme

Pixyll ★1515 (github: johno/pixyll) by John Otander -- a simple, beautiful Jekyll theme that's mobile first.

Hydejack ★215 (demo:, gem: jekyll-theme-hydejack, github: qwtel/hydejack) by Florian Klampfer -- "Best Jekyll Theme by a Mile". Blog, portfolio, and resume.

Forty ★139 (gem: forty_jekyll_theme, github: andrewbanchich/forty-jekyll-theme) by Andrew Banchich -- A Jekyll version of the "Forty" theme by HTML5 UP.

Leonids ★136 (gem: leonids, github: renyuanz/leonids) by Renyuan Zou -- a simple and clean two columns theme

Neo-HPSTR ★74 (gem: neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme, github: aron-bordin/neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme) by Aron Bordin -- a responsive and modern blog template.

jekyll-theme-console ★66 (gem: jekyll-theme-console, github: b2a3e8/jekyll-theme-console) by b2a3e8 -- a jekyll theme inspired by linux consoles for hackers, developers and script kiddies.

jekyll-theme-yat ★78 (gem: jekyll-theme-yat, github: jeffreytse/jekyll-theme-yat) by jeffreytse -- 🎨 Yet another theme for elegant writers with modern flat style and night mode.

Alembic ★29 (gem: alembic-jekyll-theme, github: daviddarnes/alembic) by David Darnes -- a boilerplate theme

Garth ★7 (gem: garth-jekyll-theme, github: daviddarnes/garth-jekyll-theme) by David Darnes -- a stupidly simple theme

whiteglass ★5 (gem: jekyll-whiteglass, github: yous/whiteglass) by Chayoung You -- Minimal, responsive Jekyll theme for hackers.

Retlab ★4 (gem: retlab, github: benbalter/retlab) by Ben Balter -- a minimalist theme for your personal site

Overkyll ★4 (gem: overkyll-jekyll-theme, github: bertrandkeller/overkyll-jekyll-theme) by Bertrand Keller -- a simple starter theme with an ITCSS sass files organisation, a flexbox grid and modular typography

Ace ★4 (gem: ace-theme, github: aliou/ace) by Aliou Diallo

Starving Artist ★1 (gem: starving-artist, github: chrisanthropic/starving-artist-jekyll-theme) by Chris Tarwater -- a mobile friendly portfolio theme.

Writers Zone ★1 (gem: writers-zone, github: StartZeroGnu/writers-zone) by StartZeroGnu -- theme based on the official minima" theme " with some plugins installed.

Simple Texture ★1 (gem: jekyll-theme-simple-texture, github: yizeng/jekyll-theme-simple-texture) by Yi Zeng -- a responsive simple texture styled Jekyll theme.

Help Center Theme ★2 (gem: jekyll-help-center-theme, github: gustavoquinalha/jekyll-help-center-theme by Gustavo Quinalha -- Simple and responsive Jekyll theme for help center.

Cocoon ★1 github: pro-panda/cocoon by Rahul Bothra -- Minimal, single paged blog theme

jekyll-rtd-theme ★2 (gem: jekyll-rtd-theme, github: rundocs/jekyll-rtd-theme by RunDcs --full featured from the official ReadtheDocs's theme

Hamilton ★8 (gem: jekyll-theme-hamilton, github: jekyll-theme-hamilton) by Shangzhi Huang -- A minimal and beautiful Jekyll theme best for writing and note-taking

Scaffold ★6 (gem: jekyll-theme-scaffold, github: jekyll-theme-scaffold) by Songzi Vong -- A minimalist yet powerful Jekyll theme for bloggers

Moonwalk ★23 (gem: moonwalk, github: moonwalk) by Abhinav Saxena -- A fast and minimal Jekyll blog theme with clean dark mode

brutalist-blog ★2 (github: andrewhwanpark/brutalist-blog) by Andrew Park -- a no frills, fully-responsive, hyper-minimalistic dark/light theme

GitHub Pages

Use the theme property in your _config.yml to specify a theme that comes packaged with GitHub Pages. See for valid values. Use the remote_theme property to specify any public, gem-packaged theme on GitHub.

See the docs for adding a Jekyll theme to your GitHub Pages site for more information.

Find More

Search for jekyll+theme to find more themes.



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the jekyll talk forum. Thanks!


A collection of awesome (gem-packaged) Jekyll themes - Add your theme!






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