A collection of awesome Jekyll goodies (tools, templates, plugins, guides, etc.)
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Awesome Series @ Planet Jekyll

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Awesome Jekyll

A collection of awesome Jekyll goodies (tools, templates, themes, plugins, guides, etc.)

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

Jekyll Headquarters (HQ)

Simple, blog-aware static website generator - the world's most popular website compiler - publish blogs, books, radio talk shows, talk slides and much more



The world's greatest static websites

  • Jekyll Static Site Showcase @ Planet Jekyll (web: planetjekyll.github.io/showcase) - Bootstrap, Polymer, The Open Data Handbook, Stack Exchange Blog, and many more; all sites with sources


Quick References / Cheat Sheets



Online - World Wide - Intertubes

  • JekyllConf (web: jekyllconf.com, twitter: jekyllconf) -- online global conference for all things Jekyll; best practices, case studies, the future of jekyll and more
    • 2016 @ Intertubes; Saturday May/7th (FREE) - #2
    • 2015 @ Intertubes; Saturday May/2nd (FREE) - #1


Jekyll Tips (web: CloudCannon Academy (formally known as jekyll.tips), github: CloudCannon/Academy)



Jekyll From Scratch Series by Mike Greiling (PixelCog; Minneapolis, MN)


  • Jekyll Casts by Mike Neumegen (CloudCannon); FREE
    • #1 - Introduction to Collections -- Learn how to use collections to manage and organize related content
    • #2 - Front matter -- Use front matter to set variables on your page
    • #3 - Layouts -- Use Jekyll layouts to reduce repetition on your site
    • #4 - Includes -- Jekyll includes let you include page fragments on your site
    • #5 - Introduction to Liquid -- Introduction to using Liquid in Jekyll static site generator
    • #6 - Control Flow Statements in Liquid -- Use liquid to control which content is displayed on the page
    • #7 - Looping in Liquid -- Control how liquid loops over your content
    • #8 - String Filters in Liquid -- Modify string variables in liquid
    • and many more


Themes / Templates

See the Jekyll Theme Directory @ Dr. Jekyll's ».


Theme Package Manager and Wizards


  • JKAN - Light-Weight Open Data Catalog (CKAN Clone) (web: jkan.io, github: timwis/jkan) by Tim Wisniewski et al; incl. w/ admin pages w/ auth (logins)

  • Federalist (web: federalist.18f.gov, github: 18F/federalist) by 18F (a US government agency part of General Services Administration); a web app for publishing static government websites (w/ Jekyll)

Plugins / Extensions

See the Awesome Jekyll Plugins List (github: planetjekyll/awesome-jekyll-plugins) ».

Snippets / Recipes

Tips / Tricks


Liquid Template Language

Docs @ Liquid Wiki

  • Liquid for Designers
    • Output ({{ }})
      • Advanced output: Filters • Standard Filters
    • Tags ({% %})
      • Comments • Raw • If / Else • Case Statement • Cycle • For loops • Variable Assignment
  • Liquid for Programmers
    • Create your own filters
    • Create your own tags
    • Create your own tag blocks

Docs @ Shopify


Modern hypertext markup in easy-to-read and easy-to-write ye olde plain vanilla text

See the Awesome Markdown List @ Write Kit (github: writekit/awesome-markdown) ».


  • Manuscripts News (twitter: manuscriptsnews) -- For news about writing in Markdown 'n' friends (e.g. tools, tips & trips, etc.) follow @manuscriptsnews on Twitter.

Command Line Tools

"Visual" Editors n Tools

See the Awesome Jekyll Editors List (github: planetjekyll/awesome-jekyll-editors) ».

Octopress Headquarters (HQ)

Jekyll's Ferrari - obsessively designed toolkit for writing and deploying jekyll blogs

Publish / Upload / Deploy / Sync


GitHub Pages Headquarters (HQ)

Websites for you and your projects

Official Doc / Help Pages

Milestones / History








GitLab Pages Headquarters (HQ)

Websites for you and your projects

WordPress Migration / Import / Export / Templates


More static site generators

See the Awesome Static List @ Static Times (github: statictimes/awesome-static) ».



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the jekyll talk forum. Thanks!