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About was created in 2006 by Sébastien Braun, a innovation and tech enthusiast. It originally used Movable Types and was mostly talking about Science Fiction litterature. It then evolved as a MediaWiki encyclopedia.

As of end of end of november 2012 a new iteration to a fully static web site is on his way, it is based on the excellent nanoc generator which I choosed because it's not only a blogging system but a great toolkit to build whatever comes out of your imagination. That's what I'm initiating with this YET makeover.

In this repository you'll find not only the code of YET but all the posts in MultiMarkdown format.

While creating this new incarnation, my journey were accelerated by the tons of information from people already using nanoc. I'd like to thank Clark Dave for his sharing, it helped a lot.

It's now my turn to share, feel free to re-use whatever part of YET.

By the way, YET stands for Yet Emerging Technologies.


Apache 2.0 License

All the content published on this web site, layouts, custom rake tasks and code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For other uses, please contact us.


The following ruby libraries (gems) are used to compile this web site:

  • nanoc: to generate the entire web site
  • adsf: a Dead Simple Fileserver
  • fssm: File System State Monitor
  • kramdown: Markdown parser
  • haml: HTML Abstraction Markup Language
  • less: Invoke the Less CSS compiler from Ruby
  • pygments.rb: Exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby
  • stringex: useful extensions to Ruby's String class
  • nokogiri: Parser used by nanoc validate-links
  • rainpress: A CSS compressor
  • therubyracer: Call javascript code and manipulate javascript objects from ruby. Call ruby code and manipulate ruby objects from javascript.
  • rpeg-multimarkdown: MultiMarkdown processing used in a new Filter. Require libgtk2.0-dev and MultiMarkdown version 3.2

This list may not be up to date, consult our Gemfile to get a fresh one.


Special thanks to the following people, who made this web site possible:


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