A collection about awesome Ruby news & stat(istic)s incl. 3x3, conferences & camps, best gems & libraries, optcarrot & benchmarks, and more
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Awesome Ruby News & Stat(istic)s

A collection about Awesome Ruby news & stat(istic)s

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

Ruby News

Links, Links, Links

What's News? Comments, Please - Up/Down Vote

Articles, Posts

Planet News Pages - Share Your Articles / Posts w/ the World with Web Feeds

Gems, Gems, Gems

Libraries, libraries, libraries - (re)use code

Books, Books, Books

  • Yuki & Moto Press Bookshelf (github: yukimotopress) - Free (Online) Ruby Books - Gem Developer's Guide, Sinatra Intro, Programming Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains, Project Automation & Database Documentation Tools, Web Services the Micro Way, and more
  • Ruby Books Catalog @ Planet Ruby - Ruby Books in Print

Conferences & Camps


  • Ruby Weekly (web: rubyweekly.com) - by Peter Cooper et al
  • Ruby Tuesday (web: rubytuesday.katafrakt.me) - by Paweł Świątkowski - Paweł Świątkowski writes: the project is called Ruby Tuesday and yes, I publish it on Tuesdays only. The scope is a bit different than other newsletters: it's Rails-free zone and I try to find things not related to web development for every issue. Also, non-Ruby things don't get there, even though sometime I'm really tempted to do so. It comes out usually every two weeks, but sometimes less frequently when I have no content.

Podcasts, Radio Talk Shows

  • Ruby Rogues (RR) (web: devchat.tv/ruby-rogues) - a panel discussion about programming, careers, community, and Ruby. We publish a talk with notable programmers and Rubyists each week to help you go further in your careers and skills

Screencasts, Videos




Ruby Statistics

Modules, Modules, Modules

Download Counts, Module Counts, Trending, Most Starred and more


Fast, faster, fastest



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.