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15khz Monitors


I've Copied everything from Appiah's excel sheet over at abime niether (s)he nor I can vouch for all the monitors.

How to add to this list.

Fork repo, edit, create pull request.

The list

Brand Model Type Screen Size 15kHz (AMIGA) Comments Notes
Acer AL1511eb LCD 15 No
Acer AL1917 19 No Monochrome works, but is not nicely centered. (for ATARI ST)
Acer K242HYL LCD/LED 23,8 Yes
Acer P206H LCD/LED 20 No
Acer P223w 22 No Monochrome works, but like the AL1917 not centered (for ATARI ST)
Acer S242HLK Cbid LCD/LED 24 Yes Mfg. Date Feb 2015, Confirmed 16:9, 4:3 AR unconfirmed New!
Acer T232HL 23 Partial works, but pixels are uneven and pretty ugly. Also can't take out of 16:9 mode.
Acer V223W LCD/LED 22 No
Acer V223HQV LCD 22 Yes Workbench and games seem to work. Workbench Overscan works to almost full screen. Interlace modes flicker like chuff.
Acer X183H LCD/LED 18,5 No
Advantech FPM-2150G-XCE LCD 17 No
AOC 716Sw LCD 15,6 No
AOC 717FWy-1 LCD/LED 17 No
AOC CM314 CRT 14 Yes
AOC E1621W LCD/LED 15,6 No
AOC E943Fwsk LCD/LED 19 No
AOC F22 LCD 21,5 No
AOC L229BXA007146 LCD 22 No
AOC LM522 LCD 15 No
Asus PB248 24 Yes PAL/NTSC, incorrect field order in interlace, no 4:3 aspect setting
Asus VW227D 21 Yes
Asus VE225 22 Yes Standard Falcon resolutions too. TT030 works but not centered (for ATARI ST)
Asus VH238T 23 Yes PAL/NTSC/Euro72, correct field order in interlace, no 4:3 aspect setting
Asus VX229H LCD/LED 21.5 Yes Tested on Amiga 600 with buffered 15 kHz VGA New!
Asus VZ249HE 24 No Tested on Acorn A3010. Modes 12, 15, 27, 28 and 31 work, mode 39 fails, some Demos fail too. Not Recommended.
Aydin Controls SP 1499 CRT 13 Yes
Aydin Controls Spectrum Autosync 9008 CRT 20 Yes
Aydin Controls Spectrum Autosync 9026 CRT 28 Yes
BenQ BL2205PT 22 Partial Doesn't remember screen position. Uncorrectable aspect ratio.
BenQ BL702A 17 Partial Doesn't remember screen position. Monitor has VGA port only.
Acorn RiscOS: Tested modes 12, 15, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 39 as working (normal + interlace). Demo "Adept" works, mode 23 (Hi-res mono, double vertical) is visibe but illegible. The Auto-Adjust button of the monitor finds a proper solution, if the picture is off-center.
Benq BL912 LCD/LED 19 Yes
BenQ FFP222Wa 22 Yes
Benq G206HQL LCD/LED 20 Yes
BenQ G2420 24 Yes
BenQ G2420HD 24 Yes
BenQ G922HDL 19 Partial Uncorrectable aspect ratio, interlaced mode flickers too much.
Benq G925HDA LCD/LED 19 No
Benq RL2240HE LCD/LED 22 Yes
Acer V193HQV LCD 19 Yes
BenQ XL2410T 24 Yes
Benq XL2720Z LCD/LED 27 Yes
CIBOX C1905 19 No out of range' shown when testing low/med res (for ATARI ST)
Commodore 1080 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1081 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1085 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1701 CRT 13 Yes
Commodore 1702 CRT 13 Yes
Commodore 1940 CRT 13 Yes
Commodore 1942 CRT 13 Yes
Commodore 1960 CRT Yes
Commodore 1962 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 2002 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 2024 CRT 15 Yes
Commodore 2080 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1042S-D2 CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1083S CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1084S/S-P/P/S-P2/D/S-D CRT 14 Yes
Commodore 1950 (AOC CM314) CRT 14 Yes
Dell 1505FP 15 No unsupported resolution' on screen in Low/Med Res (for ATARI ST)
Dell 1702FP 17 No no display when testing low/med res (for ATARI ST)
Dell 1901FP 19 No input signal not supported' when testing low/med res (for ATARI ST)
Dell 1901FP 19 Yes
Dell 2001FP 20 Partial Doesn't remember screen position. Units manufactured until June 2005 work, those September 2005 and later don't. Interlaced modes flicker badly with RGB but look great with S-Video.
Dell 2007WFb LCD 20 No
Dell 2208WPf LCD 22 No
Dell E153FPc No no display when testing low/med res (for ATARI ST)
Dell E173 FP LCD 17 No
Dell E176FPc LCD/LED 17 No unsupported resolution' on screen in Low/Med Res (for ATARI ST)
Dell E1914H 19 Yes
Dell SE2717H LCD/LED 27 Partial Has issues with interlaced modes New!
Dell SR2320L 23 Partial Doesn't remember screen position. A few pixels lost in some modes.
Dell ST2320L 23 Yes
Dell ST2410 LCD/LED 24 Yes
Dell U2212HM LCD/LED 22 Yes
Dell U2311H LCD/LED 23 Yes
Dell U2312HM LCD/LED 23 Yes
Dell U2410F LCD/LED 24 Yes VGA input tested, PiP works (for ATARI ST)
Dell U2410H LCD/LED 24 Yes
Dell U2412M LCD/LED 24 No VGA input tested, display ST-Low and only some Falcon resolution (check YT link) (for ATARI ST)
Dell W1900 LCD/TV 19 No Low and medium res work but bizarrely high res doesn't. PIP works (for ATARI ST)
Dell WTI-P190S LCD 19 No
Eizo 9050 CRT Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
Eizo 9060 CRT Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
Eizo Flexscan S1931 TFT No/(Partial) Not working at least with PAL: "Out of specification 50Hz" New!
Fujilink A1901W LCD/TV 19 Yes
Fujitsu C19-1 LCD 19 NO
Fujitsu B22W-5 ECO LCD 22 NO Black screen with PAL Amiga New!
Fujitsu Siemens Scaleoview L19-2 L9ZA LCD 19 NO Black Screen with PAL. Further model number: K1117-V173 New!
HP L1740 LCD 17 No
HP L1750 17 No no display in Low/Med Res (for ATARI ST)
HP L1750 17 Partial Monochrome works great on this screen, no borders on the sides. Just the top and bottom. (for ATARI ST)
HP L185b LCD 18,5 No
HP L1950 19 Partial Just like the L1750, but bigger screen. (for ATARI ST)
HP LE1851W LCD/LED 18,5 No
HP Compaq LA2205wg LCD 22 No
Huion Kamvas Pro 22 (2019) LCD 22 No Atari ST Monochrome works For best result in monochrome, settings around those values : Hpos 0, Vpos 0, Clock 82, Phase 70, Aspect 4:3
Idek/Iiyama 5017 CRT 17 Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
Idek/Iiyama 5021 CRT 21 Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
Idek/Iiyama Prolite XU2290HS-B1 LCD 21.5 Yes Tested on Atari ST New!
Idek/Iiyama ProLite X2783HSU LCD 27 Yes Using GGLABS CGA2RGB adaptor, rock solid picture! New!
Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 CRT 17 No Sync not in range message New!
Langwei monitor chinês, sem modelo LCD/TV 15 Yes
LG 1721a 17 Yes
LG 1921a 19 Yes
LG 26LG30R LCD 26 No
LG D2542P-PN LCD 25 No Back screen / "out of spec 15kHz" New!
LG D2780D LCD 27 No Back screen / "15kHz/50Hz Invalid Format" New!
LG E1960T-PN LCD/LED 19 No
LG E2050T LCD/LED 20 No
LG E2251T-BN LCD/LED 24 No Black screen on Amiga 600 New!
LG L1550S LCD 15 No
LG L1552S-SF LCD/LED 15 No
LG L1553S LCD 15 No
LG L1717S LCD 17 No Atari ST Monochrome mode works New!
LG L173sa LCD 17 No
LG L1742P LCD 17 No
LG L1742S LCD/LED 17 No
LG L1750S LCD/LED 17 No
LG L1753T LCD/LED 17 No
LG L192WS LCD 19 No
LG L1930SQ LCD 19 No Shows "15.6KHz" when connected to a dtctr
LG L1942S LCD 19 No
LG L1953H LCD/LED 19 No
LG M1717A LCD/LED 17 Yes
LG M1721A LCD/LED 17 Yes
LG M1917A LCD 19 Yes
LG M1921A LCD/LED 19 Yes
LG StudioWorks 560A CRT 15 No
LG W1752T LCD/LED 17 No
LG W1943C LCD/LED 19 No
LG W2252TQ LCD/LED 22 No
LG W2353V LCD/LED 24 No
Medion MD 32117 PQ LCD 17 No "Mode not supported" (PAL Amiga) New!
Mitsubishi Viseo MDT 152X LCD/TV 14 Yes
NEC 1560 15 Yes
NEC 1525V 15 Yes
NEC 1550M 15 Yes Has speakers, low/med res border is large (for ATARI ST)
NEC 1770NX 17 No Update: from Yes to no.
NEC 195VX 19 No Out of Range Displayed for Low/Med resolution (for ATARI ST)
NEC 1960NXi 19 Yes
NEC 1970NX 19 Yes Needs modification to 'H. SIZE' in the menu for medium res to look good (for ATARI ST)
NEC 1970NXp 19 Partial The "p" is for PVA. Interlaced modes don't work properly.
NEC 1970VX 19 Yes Med Res loses some horizontal pixels. Has H.Size, V.position, and H.position adjustments, but not V.Size. (for ATARI ST)
NEC 1990FXP 19 Yes
NEC 2170NX 21 No
NEC 51V 15 Partial Laced modes cause flickering.
NEC 71V 17 Yes Fully supported, but 480i flicker is annoying and my copy of the screen (rev. 1G) has faint vertical banding in 15 kHz modes. Narrow viewing angle.
NEC 72v 17 Partial High rez only b&w (for ATARI ST)
NEC EA193Mi 19 Partial Uncorrectable aspect ratio.
NEC MultiSync 3D/3Ds CRT 14 Yes
NEC MultiSync II CRT 14 Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
Nokia 417TV CRT 17 Yes Courtesy of idrougge (EAB) New!
NOVA LM-522N LCD 15 No
ONYX SW1536LD TV/DVD combo 15 No UNSUPPORTED' shown when testing low/med res. This TV has SVIDEO inputs. HiRes gives blank screen (for ATARI ST)
Philco TV PH32 LED A2 LCD/LED 32 No
Philips 107E6 CRT 17 No
Philips 107S LCD/LED 17 No
Philips 150S LCD/LED 15 No
Philips 190VW LCD/LED 19 No
Philips 215VW LCD/LED 21,5 No
Philips 240P4QPYN LCD 24 Yes
Philips 32PFL3403/78 LCD 32 No
Philips 32PFL5007G/78 LCD/LED 32 No
Philips 40PFL4606D-78 LCD 40 No
Philips TV 32PFL3404/78 LCD 32 Yes
Phillips 1081 CRT 14 Yes
Phillips CM8833-I CRT Yes
Phillips CM8833-II CRT 14 Yes
Phillips CM8852 CRT 14 Yes
Phillips CM8873 CRT 14 Yes
Planar 1520M 15 15 Yes If you change resolutions, you have to readjust the picture.
Positivo Line 425 LCD/LED 15 Yes
Positivo PO15T105S LCD/LED 15 No
Positivo SmileLight 563 LCD 15 Yes
Proview FV726W LCD/LED 17 No
Proview PV-564D CRT 15 No
Samsung CM4531 CRT 14 Yes
Samsung CS455i CRT 14 Yes
Samsung LN32C450E1M LCD 32 No
Samsung LN32D550K7G LCD 32 No
Samsung LN40C530F1M LCD 40 No
Samsung LW15M23C 15 Yes
Samsung P2470HN LCD/LED 24 No
Samsung S16B 110 LCD/LED 15 No
Samsung Syncmaster 150MP LCD 14 Yes Fixed!
Samsung Syncmaster 151MP LCD 14 Yes Fixed!
Samsung Syncmaster 170MP LCD 17 Yes Fixed!
Samsung Syncmaster 171MP LCD 17 Yes Fixed!
Samsung SyncMaster 2043bw 20 Partial Monochrome is almost filling the whole screen, only a border at the bottom. (for ATARI ST)
Samsung Syncmaster 204b LCD/LED 20 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCD/LED 20 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW Plus LCD/LED 22 No
Samsung SyncMaster 245T 24 Yes all Falcon modes work too (for ATARI ST)
Samsung SyncMaster 510N LCD/LED 15 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 540N LCD/LED 15 No
Samsung SyncMaster 623NW LCD 15,8 No
Samsung SyncMaster 710N LCD/LED 17 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 710V 17 No alarming white screen / backlight overload when testing low/med res! (for ATARI ST)
Samsung SyncMaster 713N LCD 17 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 740N LCD/LED 17 No
Samsung SyncMaster 743BX LCD 17 No
Samsung SyncMaster 743N LCD/LED 17 No
Samsung SyncMaster 793V CRT 17 No
Samsung SyncMaster 910MP 19 Partial Really blurry with 240p and 480i.
Samsung SyncMaster 913N LCD 19 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 915N LCD 19 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 915T LCD 19 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster 933 LCD/LED 19 No
Samsung SyncMaster 940BE 19 Partial sometimes difficult to get it to sync without jitter, but you can do it
Samsung SyncMaster E2220N LCD/LED 22 No
Samsung SyncMaster BX1931 LCD/LED 19 No
Samsung SyncMaster P2770 27 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster SA350 24 Yes
Samsung SyncMaster T200HD 20 No This screen has a SCART input, Low/Med res works great on SCART. Monochrome works on the VGA input. VGA input does sync at 15 Khz HSYNC, but displays only half the screen. (for ATARI ST)
Samsung SyncMaster X2370 23 No "15kHz/50Hz invalid signal" New!
Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN LCD/TV 32 Yes
Sharp LC-32SV202B LCD/LED 32 No
Sony CPD-1302 CRT 13 Yes
Sony CPD-1302A CRT 13 Yes
Sony CPD1402E CRT 14 Yes
Sony GVM-1310 CRT 14 Yes
Sony GVM-1311Q CRT 14 Yes
Sony GVM-2020 CRT 20 Yes
Sony KLV-14AP2 LCD 14 Yes
Sony PVM-14M2U CRT 14 Yes
Sun PN17JO CRT 17 No
Sun Sunray 170 LCD 17 Yes

VGA tester

Pocket-sized tester.

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